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Our Philosophy

Empire strives to help our clients improve the results of their investments and financial planning goals. We act in the interest of our clients with a fully transparent approach. Through our knowledge, experience and volume we can help clients reduce the fees and margins that they pay on a myriad of financial services regardless of their nationality or residential location. We work on a face to face basis to tailor make solutions for each client’s specific needs. Our company is unique in the financial services market as our structure ensures that we put our clients and their interests first. Our clients always take priority! To see how Empire can help you optimize your wealth and finances click the button below to arrange a meeting or conference call.

Our Story

Empire was created by seasoned financial advisors and private bankers with over 60 years combined experience across Latin America, North America and Europe who wanted to create a financial services company that acted in their clients best interests. Empire has successfully helped 100’s of clients across the globe over the last 16 years.


For too long financial institutions have taken advantage of retail investors through hidden fees and commissions, miss-selling products and high margins. Emotional manipulation and hard sales tactics in some cases have resulted in clients purchasing products with lock-ins and commitments that result in financial loss and emotional distress.


Empires approach is unique, we are a truly independent consultancy that can work together with our clients in any currency and any location in the world. We are completely transparent and do not try to push specific funds or investments on our clients. Unlike most financial services we do not make our money from commissions. We work on a success fee basis. If we don’t deliver the results we do not get paid.

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