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International Money Transfers

Most Efficient Money Transfer Services

Nowadays almost everyone needs to use money transfer services, from individuals to corporations. In most cases you will be paying far more than you have to in currency spreads, wire fees and service charges. Many people do not even realize how much money they lose when buying currencies and making or receiving foreign wires. If you do not know or haven't checked then you are probably paying more than 6% for this service.

In recent times some FinTech’s have entered the market and helped consumer awareness but they still have certain limitations.

Empire Consulting Group introduces their clients to the most efficient money transfer banks and service providers around the world. Due to the volume that we operate we can guarantee to beat any rate in the market regardless of the size of the transfer. On your own, you have very little power when negotiating these rates but via Empire you become part of our collective clients who together are far stronger and receive the best rates through our collective volume. We can guarantee the best rates for corporations and individuals and have a price promise to beat any official rate by at least 30%!

Not only does Empire save you money but you will also receive a swift and personal service. Empire takes care of the account opening process, application forms, documentation and approval. Once your account is open we contact the exchange desk and negotiate the agreed rate. All you have to do is check the rate and make the wire. Wires are typically received within 48 hours.

Complete Bouquet Of Money Transfer Services


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