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Structured Products

Empire Consulting Group creates unique investment opportunities that are only available to Empire clients. Empire is a market leader in Structured products and have provided solutions for over $5Billion in market allocation.

What is a structured product?

A structured product is an investment product that can offer capital guarantees, regular income, leveraged returns, reduced risk or a combination of all of these. Using derivatives such as options, futures, CDS’s, CFD’s products can be created that enhance performance, reduce risk or a combination of the two.

Structured Products are for everyone. from the ultra-conservative to the ultra-aggressive and everyone in between.

Structured products give you a little extra than investing directly into the underlying assets. If you hold a stock in the stock market you are exposed to its upside and its downside. If you were to invest into the same stock via a structured product you could be protected to the first 20-30% loss and increase your exposure to the stock’s upside. If you were invested into an investment fund you will take the full exposure to the up and the downside but in a structured product of the same fund you could have 100% capital guarantee and increase your exposure to the fund’s upside.

Structured products are becoming more and more popular with global interest rates at virtually zero investors need yield. Corporate bonds are overpriced and paying little more than 3%.By taking the same corporate risk you can double your interest rates.

Structured products do not cost you to purchase and if held to maturity they will not cost you anything to liquidate. If you want to liquidate before maturity you will have the unwinding fee of the structure that is normally in the region of 2-3%.

Maturity can range from 6 months to 6 years depending on the product. We have a wide range of products that meet all requirements and if we don’t have the product that fits your needs perfectly we can create a tailor-made product for your specific needs.

There are many types of products you can choose from to understand each one and how they work please click the type below to find out more:-

Capital Guarantee | Credit Linked Note | Twin Win Auto Calls | Participation | Leveraged Notes | Futures | Reverse Convertibles | Mini Futures

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